Saturday, March 20, 2010

East Village

Lafayette St  &  E 8 St

Another station captured before Opening Day.

E 2 St & 2 Ave                  

Photo from @JoelRaskin
Feb 2014
Trash throughout the city wasn't being picked up while the trucks plowed snow.

E 12 St & 3 Ave                    East Village

There could be another reason to use this stop other than its proximity to Trader Joe's. Like scoring from Bernie Goetz in Union Square.

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: 1st Ave
Eastbound: E 10 St
Westbound: E 9 St
Southbound: 2nd Ave


Bench:  Across street in front of shuttered cafe
Cafe: Think Coffee on 4th Ave
WiFi: Dunno
Subway:  N,Q,R,4,5,6 at Union Square

Just sharing...

Really, really try to avoid the streets surrounding Union Square

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fort Greene

Cumberland Ave and Lafayette Ave

Taken before Opening Day 2013

Flushing Ave & Carlton Ave

Myrtle Ave & St Edwards St                    Fort  Greene

This station sits at the edge of Fort Greene Park across from NYCHA's Walt Whitman complex.


Benches: In the park
Cafe: No
Subway: No

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: Ashland Pl
Eastbound: Myrtle Ave
Westbound: Myrtle Ave
Southbound: Ashland Pl


Pershing Square N                      Midtown East

This is another station where the sign does not match the app icon.

W 53 St & 10 Ave                                           


W 56 St & 6 Ave                                                                             

Caution: This is where the Rockettes dock their bikes. Every seat set to 10" or higher.

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: 8 Ave
Eastbound: W 54 St
Westbound: W 55 St
Southbound: Broadway


Bench: ?
Cafe: ?
Subway: N,Q,R at 57 St & 7 Ave

Got issues?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hells Kitchen

W 53 St & 10 Ave                                            


Cleveland Pl & Spring St                    Nolita

Petrosino Square is a funky little place. We frequent the stop to visit Henley's Vaporium.

A side note, but this is getting irritating. This is just the fourth station we've posted and at two of them -- this one and Broadway & Battery Pl -- the station signs don't match the website names.

So the grand New York tradition continues, making our streets a confusing mishmash of names and directions. Where else in the world can you say, "Meet me at the corner of West Fourth and West Tenth"?

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: Chrystie St.
Eastbound: Grand St.
Westbound: Prince St.
Southbound: Lafayette St is right there.


Bench: In Petrosino Square
Cafe: The Cafe Select

Sorry, noraapena, but i lost link info.


Lexington Ave & Classon Ave                      

Taken before Opening Day

Brooklyn Heights

Clinton St & Tillary St 


Benches: Across street in park
Cafe: None in site
Subway: 2,3 at Clark St, A,C at High St in park

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: Cadman Plaza E
Eastbound: Tillary St
Westbound: Clark St (for a couple of blocks)
Southbound: Clinton St

Stuff I wouldn't have seen without CitiBike

The park across the street is worth exploring. At the far end is a monument to an early 20th-century mayor and behind him floats the most wonderful breast ever cast in bronze.

Old Fulton St