Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crossing Baja Manhattan by bicycle

The directions below are the result of about 20 frustrating and/or harrowing trips trying to cross Lower Manahattan.

On The Map, a nice, clean green line appears (sometimes -- we get a bike lane view on an Android phone, but not on an Android tablet or Windows PC.). The green line shows a bike path along the tip of Manhattan, through Battery Park to the Hudson Esplanade and West St bike path or the East River Esplanade.

Reconstruction of Pier 1 is the culprit and Sharers attempting to follow the green line get bottlenecked with the Statue of Liberty  crowd.  Then a blocks long-portage is the only way out.

So here's how to get from here to there and back again.

Northwestbound (black line)

  • Start at the Old Slip & Front St station
  • Head northwest on Old Slip, which becomes Williams St
  • Left off Williams onto Pine St
  • 1 block, right onto Nassau St
  • 1 block, left onto Cedar St
  • Take Cedar across Broadway and down the slope.
  • The second block is pedx only, but bikes are OK. At end of block you will have to cross crowd line for the 911 memorial.
  • You have no choice but to make a left onto Greenwich St.
  • At tiny Carlisle St, where there's a boxing gym on the corner, make a right.
  • Carlisle ends at West St. Make right and manuever to outside of taxi stand.
  • Cross West at Albany St.
  • Albany to South End Ave. Make right and you're on the bike lane.

Southeastbound (red line)

  • From South End Ave, make left onto Albany.
  • Cross West St (somebody had a lot of nerve naming this expressway a "street."), stay on Albany  to its end at Greenwich. Make a right.
  • Left onto little Edgar St. for one block and left again onto Trinity Pl
  • In a half-block turn right onto Exchange Alley.
  • Exchange will take you across the heavily seruitized Wall St district. Depending on crowds or cops you may have to dismount once or twice.
  • Exchange ends at Hanover St. Make right
  • Left onto Pearl St.
  • Right onto Old Slip.
  • Voila!

We prefer stunts like those where a guy pedals a bike while on a biplane's wing

From citibikenyc's blog
Thanks to the folks at the NYT's City Room, we now understand and completely agree with the decision to unplug 11 midtown stations.

They needed those bikes to have people push the pedals to make enough electricity to light the Times Square ball. And to produce the picture at left.

Back in the real world, here are the closed stations as of 6:30 am 12/31:

Broadway & W 39 St
Broadway & W 41 St
Broadway & W 49 St
Broadway & W 51 St
Broadway & W 53 St
Broadway & W 55 St
Broadway & W 58 St
W 38 St & 8 Ave
W 41 St & 8 Ave
W 45 St & 6 Ave
W 51 St & 6 Ave

Monday, December 30, 2013

Yet more Times Square closures

We're up to 11 stations closed before New Years Eve.

Check out The Map for yourself.

At Midday, Midtown is a Midmess

They shut down another station at the edge of Times Square this morning -- Broadway & W 39 St -- making a total of six Broadway stations closed in advance of New Year's Eve.

In all, 22 Manhattan stations were out of commission shortly after 11:30 am. Half were in Midtown and six of those were closures.

How about the icons used for the NotSpots in the screenshot? At first we thought skulls, but now we're seeing spacemen. You can check out the full map at Manhattan Midday NotSpots

BTW, the Lower East Side's a mess, too, but that's often the case at midday.

Here's a list of today's Manhattan midday NotSpots.

2 Ave & E 58 St
Clinton St & Grand St
Henry St & Grand St
Madison St & Montgomery St
Rivington St & Ridge St
W 41 St & 8 Ave
Barrow St & Hudson St
Broadway & W 39 St
Broadway & W 58 St
Cherry St
E 11 St & 1 Ave
E 20 St & FDR Drive
E 6 St & Avenue B
W 38 St & 8 Ave
W 42 St & 8 Ave
W 43 St & 10 Ave
E 53 St & Madison Ave
Howard St & Centre St
Mercer St & Bleecker St
W 51 St & 6 Ave
W 52 St & 5 Ave
W 56 St & 6 Ave

Find the William and Pine station

Ok, on to some fun stuff which is really why you share that bike. You just can't do this from the R train.

This pic, of Jean Dubuffet's Group of Four Trees in Chase Manhattan Plaza, isn't even visible from the William St Pine St station, yet it stands no more than 200 feet away.

Displaying this pic has helped refine how we're going to develop the station visits lists. Those sterile station pics need to be complemented by a pic displaying a unique neighborhood asset. Shouldn't be hard since this city changes block by block.

So use those phones people and send us pics. Just make sure they're as unique as you are.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve shutdowns

Screenshot taken 12/29 at 6:30 pm
Four stations above Times Square have been inactivated prior to New Year's Eve.

Brooklyn's ghost station

Cadman Plaza E & Red Cross Pl did exist until Friday, November 15. It must have been a busy station -- it made our NotSpot list three times during the first two weeks we conducted our surveys.

This is the site of the station. They're building something there called the "Protoype for Urban Post Disaster Interim Housing." Hope it will have WiFi.

The city's Office of Emergency Management is nearby which probably explains everything.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Friday Not Spot Report

Another light day

Manhattan morning: 1.  Five fewer than yesterday.
Manhattan midday: 9: Seven fewer than yesterday
Manhattan evening: 9. Two more than yesterday.

Brooklyn morning: 3. One fewer than yesterday.
Brooklyn midday: 7. More than doubles yesterday.
Brooklyn evening: 7. Three more than yesterday.

A Not Spot is a completely empty station or a completely filled one. There are 252 stations in Manhattan, 72 in Brooklyn.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Your Thursday Not Spot report

Manhattan morning: 6. The record is 20, set on 11/19

Manhattan midday: 16: The record is 51, set on 12/2

Manhattan evening: 7. The record is 26, set on 11/15

Brooklyn morning: 4. The record is 10, set on 11/21

Brooklyn midday: 3. The record is 23, set on 11/21

Brooklyn evening: 4. The record is 13, set on 11/18

A Not Spot is a completely empty station or a completely filled one.

Brooklyn Evening Not Spots

The hurt is kinda scattered this time of evening (abut 5:30 pm) All about Not Spots in the first of these posts, Manhattan Morning.

Hanover Pl & Livingston St643%Downtown30
Clinton St & Tillary St643%Downtown31
Cadman Plaza E & Tillary St536%Downtown23
Columbia Heights & Cranberry St536%Brooklyn Heights23
Myrtle Ave & St Edwards St536%Fort Greene23
Willoughby Ave & Hall St536%Clinton Hill31
Concord St & Bridge St429%Fort Greene19
Henry St & Poplar St429%Brooklyn Heights43
Cumberland St & Lafayette Ave429%Fort Greene31
Montague St & Clinton St429%Brooklyn Heights39

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Brooklyn Midday Not Spots

Fort Greene takes the hit at midday. We've done 16 midday surveys. See Manhattan Morning Not Spots for full explanation.
Adelphi St & Myrtle Ave1169%Fort Greene23
Clinton Ave & Myrtle Ave1169%Clinton Hill33
Clinton St & Tillary St1169%Downtown31
Clermont Ave & Park Ave1063%Fort Greene19
Concord St & Bridge St1063%Fort Greene19
DeKalb Ave & Vanderbilt Ave1063%Clinton Hill23
DeKalb Ave & S Portland Ave1063%Fort Greene23
Clermont Ave & Lafayette Av956%Fort Greene23
Washington Park956%Fort Greene24
Clark St & Henry St850%Brooklyn Heights30
Myrtle Ave & St Edwards St850%Fort Greene23
Carlton Ave & Park Ave850%Fort Greene23

Brooklyn Morning Not Spots

They're sure pedaling outta downtown Brooklyn in the mornings. We've conducted 16 of these surveys. For the full explanation, see Manhattan Morning Not Spots.

Cadman Plaza E & Tillary St744%Downtown23
Clark St & Henry St531%Brooklyn Heights30
Montague St & Clinton St531%Brooklyn Heights39
Clinton St & Tillary St425%Downtown31
Hanover Pl & Livingston St425%Downtown30
Lawrence St & Willoughby St425%Downtown39
Duffield St & Willoughby St319%Downtown31
Jay St & Tech Pl319%Downtown32
Joralemon St & Adams St319%Downtown39
Myrtle Ave & St Edwards St319%Fort Greene23
Pearl St & Anchorage Pl319%Vinegar Hill24

Manhattan Evening Not Spots

Hells Kitchen takes the hit in the evening. Again, see the Manhattan Morning Not Spot post for an explanation of the Not Spot methodology. We've conducted 10 evening surveys. We start them at about 5:30 pm.

W 54 St & 9 Ave660%Hells Kitchen39
11 Ave & W 27 St440%Chelsea31
E 43 St & 2 Ave440%Tudor City69
E 2 St & Avenue C330%Alphabet City31
W 37 St & 5 Ave330%Midtown North39
W 46 St & 11 Ave330%Hells Kitchen24
W 52 St & 9 Ave330%Hells Kitchen31
E 23 St & 1 Ave330%Stuyvesant Town27
Greenwich St & N Moore St330%Tribeca31
Broadway & W 53 St330%Midtown North57
E 40 St & 5 Ave330%Midtown East55