Monday, October 20, 2014

A look at rebalancing efforts, month by month

Link to this visualisation
Link to this visualisation

  • Instances of empty/full stations peaked last October at 91,629 and the number of bikes rebalanced peaked last September at 83,085.

  • Empty/full stations in July and August, the only two months for which we have comparables,  are running well above last year’s levels.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crank-o-Meter, last 4 weeks: NotSpots take top spot 2 weeks in row, plus Rant of the Week

  • Complaints about empty/full stations outpaced Abandoned/stolen bikes for second week in a row.

  • Trending up were billing issues, issues, kiosk issues and complaints from pass users that the 30-minute limit is too short.
  • Trending way down were reports of broken bikes.

Rant of the Week

From Facebook
Guys it shouldn't take 5-10 mins to get a bike out of a stand. With only 30 mins of use at a time, you have to race to another station to just get 30 mins of biking. You need to rethink the model or ensure all bikes and stands are in full working order. It took three calls to get a bike back into a stand today.

Eyewitness report: banker doors Citi Biker, hands injured man his card, runs off to meeting

To the story

An excerpt

After hitting the cyclist, the man who doored him, Wagner, emerged from the back of the Lincoln Towncar (that belonged to BPTG Car Service) and quickly pulled him to his feet. Wagner then threw a business card to his driver and took off running towards 54th and Fifth Avenue, even as witnesses yelled at him to come back. “It's just a cut, he's fine,” the staffer told us Wagner said, before adding, “The driver knows me, I ride with him all the time.”

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Link to this visualisation
Link to this visualisation

Holiday weeks plague bike-share system: Past week worst for NotSpots since Memorial Day

  • Citi Bike’s rebalancing efforts continue to deteriorate. This makes  seven straight weeks in the zone of mediocrity.  
  • Recovering from holiday use continues to plague the system. This week of Columbus Day was the worst performance since the week of Memorial Day.
  • On Tuesday at 9:30 am, 25 percent of the 325 operating stations were empty or full.

Source: Oliver O'Brien Bike Share Map from The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Friday, October 17, 2014

Whole station shutdowns biggest Citi Bike maintenance issue, but trending down

A month-by-month look at Citi Bike station maintenance shows that whole station shutdowns are the largest issue. The good news: station malfunctions peaked in March at 630 (roughly 2 shutdowns per station during the month) and have been trending down since. Most station malfunctions required a reboot or a new battery.

Individual dock malfunctions trended up in August though they too peaked in March at 359.

Source: NYC Bike Share monthly reports