Monday, August 11, 2014

Follow our advice or you stand a 68% chance for wet fanny tomorrow

Some are only slighty cracked. Others look
 the victim of wild dog packs
It’s gonna rain. Take along a plastic bag.

How do we know about your 68% chance? We physically inspected the 24 stations in the Financial District and Battery Park last week. Along that journey, we counted 545 docked bikes. Of those, 373 had cracked seats.

The good news: Citi Bike seems to have an aggressive replacement program under way. All the good seats are not pale gray survivors of the winter.  They all look brand spanking new.

Below is a list of the stations we visited

47Financial DistrictBarclay St & Church St1113
36Financial DistrictBroadway & Battery Pl1833
43Financial DistrictJohn St & William St2238
35Financial DistrictLiberty St & Broadway1424
41Financial DistrictMurray St & West St2333
37Financial DistrictOld Slip & Front St1418
35Financial DistrictPark Pl & Church St1016
42Financial DistrictPearl St & Hanover Square1218
39Financial DistrictFront St & Maiden Ln2239
35Financial DistrictBroad St & Bridge St1829
27Financial DistrictMaiden Ln & Pearl St1822
47!!!Financial DistrictBus Slip & State St3545
36Financial DistrictCliff St & Fulton St1324
43Financial DistrictFulton St & William St2026
35Financial DistrictPeck Slip & Front Street1726
29Financial DistrictSouth St & Gouverneur Ln1519
39Financial DistrictSouth St & Whitehall St2127
31Financial DistrictSpruce St & Nasau St510
31Financial DistrictWater - Whitehall Plaza1118
24Battery Park CityLittle West St & 1 Pl1120
25Battery Park CitySouth End Ave & Liberty St37
39Battery Park CityVesey Pl & River Terrace2333
49Battery Park CityWest Thames St67
39Financial DistrictWilliam St & Pine St1118

NotSpots not such a problem in recent weeks

The system operators got serious about addressing empty/filled stations in mid-June. The established pattern now is a rough Monday morning because weekend use scatters the bikes followed by gradual improvement as the week goes on.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wall Street Journal profiles CitiBike’s mystery suitor

An excerpt
Much about Mr. Schulhof and his plans for bike-sharing remain a mystery. A Stanford-trained lawyer who studied French literature and government at Dartmouth College, Mr. Schulhof has spent much of his career inside corporate boardrooms and at private-equity firms.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Facebook post captures NYC bike sharing in its finest moment

Under threatening skies last night outside Grand Central -- a HUGE thank you to the guy who with enormous trust and generosity handed me his bike when none of the docking stations were working -- no bikes in or out and the thunder was rumbling! "I only used 12 minutes" he said -- "get where you're going and dock it for me" - good luck! Now that's the bike share spirit!!
Hallie Tamez
July 16 at 4:11pm ·

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

App update announced

The app has been updated, CitiBike announced yesterday on its Facebook page. Enhancements include display of bike lanes and a station info refresh button.

What’s missing from looming CitiBike deal? Public sector participation

An excerpt:
For people who want to see bike-share succeed in New York, news that a new team might be taking over is welcome. Without an intervention, the system as it is being operated now seems headed for an inevitable decline, which would be very sad.
The question is, would the city be better off looking at a different model, one in which the public sector takes more control and more accountability, in exchange for greater transparency about the way bike-share is being handled?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Grand Central to Williamsburg: Reporter tails CitiBike No. 0919 for 12 hours

An excerpt:
Our bright blue Citibike, number 0919, starts its day early at the busiest Citibike station, on 42nd Street, outside Grand Central station. Last month, nearly 500 trips started or ended here every day.
7.50am Yuri K, 39, rushes towards Citibike 0919. He just got off the train from Westchester, Connecticut, and is on his way to his office in Tribeca in downtown Manhattan. "Yes, you can follow me," he says as he puts on his blue helmet. "I hope you don't mind going in the wrong direction on some streets."