Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where do you stand on $149 member rate hike? Take our poll

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Social media awash in anger as Citi Bike reneges on promise to allow $95 renewals

The Citi Bike promise


Then hours later, this crossout appeared on the Citi Bike blog

Facebook and Reddit are full of rants like this one:
“I received an e-mail yesterday about the upcoming rate increase.
The e-mail said, "At this time, you may still renew at the $95 rate. Simply log in to your account and click "renew". We will let you know in the coming days when the rates will increase."

I logged on to renew at the $95 rate this morning and it's already set at $149. No notice, no nothing. Citi Bike better fix this or I won't be renewing my membership.”

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Citi Bike announcement: Member fee to $149, expansion starts in Williamsburg

We have some important updates for you.

Today, we and the NYC Department of Transportation announced some big changes. Our parent company has new owners, and they have named Jay Walder, a leader with a deep passion for urban transportation, as the new CEO of Alta Bicycle Share.

There is also big news for Citi Bike. Our system will double in size by 2017. New communities will be added to our system beginning in 2015 and by the end of 2017 we will have 6000 additional bikes and over 375 new stations. The first new bikes and stations will be installed in northern Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City and further into Bedford-Stuyvesant, all neighborhoods originally planned to be part of Citi Bike's initial deployment. To suggest a new location for Citi Bike stations, visit the NYCDOT's “Suggest A Station” siting portal and stay tuned for news about other ways to get involved.

Our number one priority is improving the experience for our members. We've heard from you that broken docks, cracked seats and glitches at the kiosks are big concerns. And we've heard that you are eager for us to expand to new neighborhoods so you are able to get more places with Citi Bike. With this change in ownership we are better capitalized and more committed than ever to making Citi Bike work better for you.

NYC Bike Share will use this winter season to overhaul the entire fleet of bikes and service docks and kiosks, ensuring that Citi Bike is ready to roll come spring. We will work closely with the team at Alta Bicycle Share to improve our operations and the technology that powers bike share. And starting immediately we’ll work towards expansion. NYC Bike Share, together with DOT, will begin the community outreach process so New Yorkers can let us know where they think new stations will best serve their communities. We will provide you with regular updates on our progress and look forward to providing you with the service you deserve. 

Finally, we will be changing Citi Bike's membership plans. Our Annual Membership rate will change to $149/year. This means a full year of unlimited Citi Bike rides will cost just a bit more than one monthly MetroCard. At this time, you may still renew at the $95 rate. Simply log in to your account and click "renew". We will let you know in the coming days when the rates will increase.

There will be no change to the $60 Citi Bike Discount Membership for New York City Housing Authority residents and members of participating Community Development Credit Unions.

We will be adjusting prices to more accurately reflect the cost of providing the service and safety that our customers need and deserve. Citi Bike has proven wildly popular. During our peak season our bikes are ridden on average 6 times per day. That’s more than any other bike share system in the world. This popularity is great news for the health and vibrancy of our city, but it has also taken a toll on our ability to balance and service the bikes. With new leadership, fresh capital and a membership rate change, we believe we can meet these challenges and provide you with the kind of bike share system you deserve.

Thank you again for helping to make Citi Bike the biggest bike share program in North America. We are excited to have renewed resources to make this thebest bike share program. We look forward to pedaling with you for many years to come.


The Citi Bike Team

 If you wish to renew using a Citi Bike gift certificate, please contact our Customer Service Center with your gift code and key number.

Why do DeBlasio Admin and @Pollytrott treat Citi Bike owner queries like you’re asking for A-bomb recipe?

To the story
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The city is expected to make an official announcement [about 25 mph speed limit soon. However, Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg refused to discuss the Alta deal at a press conference earlier today about NYC’s new 25 mph speed limit.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Customer service calls to Citi Bike well off last year's highs

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The number of customer service calls handled by Cit Bike peaked in August of last year at 65,798 and this August total calls were 20,000 lower.

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Citi Bike appears to have stemmed a trend of growing number of hangups by opening an “overfllow call center” in August. That center handled 9000 of the 45,500 calls and the call abandonment wait -- people who get tired of being on hold and hang up -- dropped to 3 percent from its most recent peak at 14% in May.

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Calls per 100 rides are well off last year’s highs.