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Thanks to for shining a spotlight on the lack of in Hell's Kitchen
Great initiative. Would be even more awesome if there was a way to track the percentage of time that a given station is in 'NotSpot' mode so that people would learn to avoid the really problematic locations. In fact, maintaining network coverage with variable demand conditions is an extremely complex network 'optimization' problem! Presumably there is some strong 'directionality' of flows during peak periods (ie stations emptying in certain areas and filling in others). Montreal has gone so far as to set up a few 'depot' stations where there are no limits on return capacity. After (or during) the morning rush the bikes are then redistributed back onto the network. on About the NotSpot℠ Index
at 8:17 AM
Interesting idea, but I'd rather keep an annual membership option, even if at an increased price. I'd definitely pay more; I've got 450 rides so far since launch day. Great value. on A modest proposal: How to put Citi Bike in the black
on 3/7/14
This is a great blog. Couldn't believe how few bikes there were in midtown Saturday night at 8pm. Have you explained how maintenance, distribution, etc. is supposed to work? This is what you get with a quasi-private system, make it CITYbike now! Thanks. on A record 60 empty stations at 11:30 am today
on 2/25/14

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