Saturday, March 20, 2010

East Village

Lafayette St  &  E 8 St

Another station captured before Opening Day.

E 2 St & 2 Ave                  

Photo from @JoelRaskin
Feb 2014
Trash throughout the city wasn't being picked up while the trucks plowed snow.

E 12 St & 3 Ave                    East Village

There could be another reason to use this stop other than its proximity to Trader Joe's. Like scoring from Bernie Goetz in Union Square.

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: 1st Ave
Eastbound: E 10 St
Westbound: E 9 St
Southbound: 2nd Ave


Bench:  Across street in front of shuttered cafe
Cafe: Think Coffee on 4th Ave
WiFi: Dunno
Subway:  N,Q,R,4,5,6 at Union Square

Just sharing...

Really, really try to avoid the streets surrounding Union Square

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