Thursday, March 18, 2010


Cleveland Pl & Spring St                    Nolita

Petrosino Square is a funky little place. We frequent the stop to visit Henley's Vaporium.

A side note, but this is getting irritating. This is just the fourth station we've posted and at two of them -- this one and Broadway & Battery Pl -- the station signs don't match the website names.

So the grand New York tradition continues, making our streets a confusing mishmash of names and directions. Where else in the world can you say, "Meet me at the corner of West Fourth and West Tenth"?

Nearest bike lanes

Northbound: Chrystie St.
Eastbound: Grand St.
Westbound: Prince St.
Southbound: Lafayette St is right there.


Bench: In Petrosino Square
Cafe: The Cafe Select

Sorry, noraapena, but i lost link info.

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