About this blog

This blog is about standards: discussing what should be acceptable levels of service from New York City’s bicycle-sharing system.

It is particularly aimed at the more than 100,000 people who have become annual members of the program.

While we hope we won’t ever be accused of cheerleading, let us say right here: We think the the program is fantabulous.

We believe that the system has a decent chance to become as necessary a part of the public transit mix as a taxi or an A train.

That can only happen if bicycles are consistently available in all served neighborhoods. And all served neighborhoods must be served equally. Right now, neither condition is being met.

  • This blog is produced by Ed Rademaekers, a retired newspaperman with stints in Atlantic City, Philadelphia and San Antonio, followed by a decade or so in online media.

  • We hope you’ll comment here and let us know about your bike-sharing experiences and thoughts on standards at bikeshareblog@gmail.com

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