Friday, October 8, 2010

Complaints on social media over Citi Bike penalty fees

From Facebook Oct. 1, 2014

Surprised by 30-minute limit, they rush to station, encounter dock lock

facebook.pngI'm very disappointed with my 1st and last Citi Bike experience. We got 3 day passes (my husband, daughter, and myself) and initially were very excited to ride the Citi bikes on our family outing, but were hesitant due to the lack of pricing transparency. After riding for about 15 minutes, we decided to call Citi bike and better understand the pricing.

After the customer service rep explained the way it worked we raced to the nearest Citi bike dock to try and beat the 30 minute limit in order to avoid the overage charges. Upon arrival to the citi bike dock we were unable to dock the bikes due to several faulty docking stations.

After being there for about 10 minutes, we finally found 3 docking stations. Once again we decided to call Citi Bike and spent 10 minutes on the phone with them alerting them about the broken docking stations and confirming that our bikes had been properly docked. They did not offer to assist us with the situation or even offer to extend our time.

From Facebook Sept. 30, 2014

European tourist dinged for 160 euros ($202)

facebook.pngCiti bike is a ripoff!! They should not advertise with daypasses for 9,- if the true costs of riding the bikes for a day could be as much as 20 times higher!!! My bill after a day of riding citi bikes was 160 euro and spoiled an otherwise great experience. I will never rent a citi bike again and will try to prevent people from making the mistake called 'Citi Bike'. Good day.

From Yelp Sept. 19, 2014

Tourist keeps bike 7 hours; Customer service ignores plea

yelp.pngI'm a first time user tourist from out of town. After reading the web site and kiosk, I was under the impression I would be charged approx $10.00 for 24 hours.. Big mistake, I used a bike for about 7 hours and was charged $155.65 on my credit card. I telephoned NYCbike and they told me I did not properly read the pricing instructions. The front page of the web site seems to trick a person into believing he/she will only be charged $10.00 for 24 hours. The customer service reps basically told me "tough rocks sucker!"

From Yelp July 8, 2014

Charged $25 for overtime

yelp.pngI would give less but don't ever rent a bike from them as they bang u with overtime charges so instead if being 9.95 day. How about more like 25.00 per day a bunch of BS  no wonder they still building banks in every corner.  SCAM

From Yelp July 6, 2014

Figured it out but not before paying penalty

yelp.pngI have very mixed feelings about these bikes. On the surface they seem like a very good idea and it is nice to be able to zip around the city on a bike. However be sure not to have the bike for longer than 30 mins or else you are smacked with a "late fee" and then 45 mins late from dipping your bike you get hit with another fee. These rules are extremely confusing at first but once you ride around for a few hours it is more understandable.

From Facebook June 7, 2014

It’s a tourist trap

facebook.pngThis is indeed #1 TRAP FOR TOURISTS IN NYC!! If you don't read carefully the sordid rules behind this system, you'll spend some hundreds of US$ just for some hours riding the bike in NYC!

From Facebook May 28, 2014

New Yorker finds tourists ‘wayyyy uptown on CitiBikes’

facebook.pngOver the Memorial Day weekend I found two separate days tourist couples who were wayyyy uptown on CitiBikes, including one having a picnic on the Hudson River Greenway!

I stopped both times to make sure they knew they were being charged $48 an hour (for the pair) for overtime. "No, we bought all-day passes." I explained how it actually works and directed them to the nearest CitiBike station. This was the fourth time I have had this conversation. It tells me that something is not being clearly communicated.

I would imagine you get a lot of angry calls and then have to explain why they are out of luck. I would find it hard to believe this is an intentional effort to make huge amounts of overtime fees, thus I implore you to review how this info is communicated, maybe do a focus group, and make whatever changes are necessary.

From Facebook May 26, 2014

Tourist from Netherlands gets credit-card statement. Out $100+


Desiree EsmeijerCiti Bike
Can someone please give me the email adress ? I've been way to much charged!!! Over 100 dollars for one day

From Yelp May 16, 2014

Pass user learned the hard way: Cost $77

yelp.pngNever ever ride more than 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ridiculous High Payment for Overtime cost me 77 dollars.  if you exceed 50 seconds after 90 overtime you will pay 12 dollars for that just 50 seconds. I regret that I used the CItibike. It is like half price of buying a regular bike!!!!!!
Better Buy Your Own Bike!!!!!

From Facebook May 4, 2014

Day pass purchaser can’t figure out why she was charged $160

facebook.pngLast week I rented two bikes for 24 hours. That should not be over 25 dollars charge, according to your published fares.
Now I see you charged my CC with almost 160 dollars, and I do not know the reason, because obviously there is no reason for it. I expect a resolution today. Already sent you and email. Its a shame how the system works.