Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here's another challenge to placing Citi Bike stations in parks

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Plaintiffs are reasserting that the Bike Share Program and Kiosks are specifically designed to facilitate transportation, not recreation and is therefore not a legitimate park use."The short rental period, fee structure, and functional, uncomfortable build of the Program’s bikes all demonstrate that its design goal is transportation, not recreation," court papers state.


This case, involving SoHo’s Petrosino Square (Cleveland Pl & Spring St.), is another challenge to placement of  Citi Bike stations in park space.  
Off-street stations are critical to the bike-sharing system’s wintertime operations because they’re safely out of reach of the plows. On-street stations can get entombed in ice for days and weeks after a big snow.
And as we write this, we realize we’re making the plaintiff’s case -- that Citi Bike is about transportation first, recreation second.

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