Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hudson Square park space ‘too precious’ for use as Citi Bike station

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At the meeting Wednesday night, Baer explained the decision to move the Citi Bike dock was made with an eye to maximizing the available open space. "We don't think that the Citi Bike station should be taking up park space, it's too precious," said Baer.

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Off-street Citi Bike stations are critical to the survival of the system during winter storms. On-street stations get plowed in, damaging bicycles and requiring enormous human effort to shovel free. After the Jan 26-27 storm, 20 percent of all stations got taken down.
If the 34-dock station at 6 Ave & Broome St is moved to an on-street location, the closest off-street station is a 15-minute-plus hike to Rivington St & Chrystie St on the Lower East Side.

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