Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Brooklyn Morning Not Spots

They're sure pedaling outta downtown Brooklyn in the mornings. We've conducted 16 of these surveys. For the full explanation, see Manhattan Morning Not Spots.

Cadman Plaza E & Tillary St744%Downtown23
Clark St & Henry St531%Brooklyn Heights30
Montague St & Clinton St531%Brooklyn Heights39
Clinton St & Tillary St425%Downtown31
Hanover Pl & Livingston St425%Downtown30
Lawrence St & Willoughby St425%Downtown39
Duffield St & Willoughby St319%Downtown31
Jay St & Tech Pl319%Downtown32
Joralemon St & Adams St319%Downtown39
Myrtle Ave & St Edwards St319%Fort Greene23
Pearl St & Anchorage Pl319%Vinegar Hill24

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