Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On average, every Citi Bike station crashed twice in October

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Station malfunctions -- instances where a station could not  receive or dispense bicycles -- peaked for this year in October.  But that high number seems small compared  to the record set in September 2013. The cure for for these malfunctions is usually a reboot or installing a new solar battery. At 638 malfunctions, that means, on average, almost every station in the system (325 on Dec. 3) crashed twice in the month.

Dock malfunctions -- instances where a dock would not release or accept a bike -- also peaked in September 2013.

There are about 11,300 active docks, so in October fewer than six percent malfunctioned.

We refer to both conditions as “dock lock” because regardless of the cause, you can’t get or dock a bike. It is one of the Big Three complaints about Citi Bike.

To us, this data suggest that whole stations crashing is the major component of dock lock

Link to this visualization
Source: NYC Bike Share monthly reports

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