Thursday, December 4, 2014

Citi Bike points to T-Mobile as cause of yesterday's mega station crash

From Citi Bike's Facebook page, Wednesday Dec. 3 at 12:30 pm

Update: We've isolated the issue to a problem with T-Mobile connectivity between our stations and are working diligently with them to resolve as quickly as possible. At this time (12:30PM) there are multiple stations offline. Live updates will be available on the station map and in the app.


  • What we don't understand about Citi Bike and big, member-affecting events is why they don't use email. They posted on Twitter but didn't #citibike it. Or their own blog. When we spotted the web site banner alert this morning, our first instinct was to go to the Citi Bike blog. Nothin. And no news coverage either, which is kinda sad. The banner warning was posted at 6 pm, so we're looking at a big-time 6-hour plus system crash. But in the NoisY City, this was just a whisper.
  • Just FYI, Citi Bike must have been royally pissed at T-Mobile. The link to T-Mobile's Facebook page was added by Citi Bike, not us. Then again, we know the feeling. We've neglected to pay our cell phone bill a couple of times.

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