Monday, March 16, 2015

Rebalance crews handle first pleasant weather with aplomb; NotSpot Index at record lows

About the NotSpot Index

  • In the first week with some real bicycling weather, Citi Bike had but one bad day. The third straight day of temps in the 50s proved too much. NotSpots soared to 68 empty stations at 10:30 am Wednesday.
  • Now at a record seven straight weeks in the green zone.
  • Week 10 matched its 2014 counterpart.

Available bikes means the number of bikes in the docks. Fleet size would be the number of available docks plus the number of bikes being ridden at the time.

  • What’s most intriguing is that Citi Bike is keeping the system relatively balanced with about 1,000 fewer bikes on the street.
  • Crews ARE pumping more bikes into the system. Available bikes hit a high for the year on Thursday afternoon. And there’s been no spike in empty stations which would be a pretty good indicator that the fleet is too small.

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