Saturday, March 7, 2015

With reduced fleet size, can Citi Bike handle the coming thaw?

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So the questions linger as the six-week string in the green zone matches the record green streak of last summer: Is City Bike putting more effort into rmaking sure stations don't empty out? Or is low ridership in this frigid winter simply taking pressure off the system?

Next week, with temps in the 40s should provide a clue. Last March in the corresponding week, Week 10,  the system lurched into the yellow zone. It, too, was the first week of the year to feature consistent 40-degree weather.

The size of the bike fleet will be worth watching, too. Under the new agreement with the city,  the agreed-upon fleet size is currently 3000, and it’s hovered around that level since the beginning of the year. And that number is about 1400 bikes fewer than when demand surged with the thaw. Note that the chart tracks available bikes, i.e bikes in the docks. Fleet size is that number plus the bikes that are being used at the time.

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