Monday, November 17, 2014

Manhattan, Brooklyn neighborhoods embrace Citi Bike expansion; Queens, not so much

Link to the visualization
From the very first day of Citi Bike service in New York City, public officials in Queens have been clamoring for an expansion to that borough.  So much so that Queens was chosen as the site for the official announcement of the coming expansion in 2015.

That enthusiasm doesn’t seem to have filtered down to Queens residents, however. This map plots the 211 suggestions for stations  the expansion areas made by the public between Nov. 1 and Nov. 16. The suggestions are logged at a site run by the New York City Department of Transportation and heavily promoted by Citi Bike.

With the exception of Astoria, suggestions for stations in Queens are relatively light compared to the intense activity in Harlem, the Upper East Side  and the Brooklyn neighborhoods of East Williamsburg and those south of Atlantic Ave.

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