Saturday, November 15, 2014

Under new owners, no sign yet of improvement in NotSpot numbers; where's the cash infusion?

Link to this visualisation

So this week’s index comes in at 43. Like Thursday morning’s fog, that puts us in a funk.  

So much was made of the cash infusion that accompanied new ownership of the system. So where’s the money?
When the number hits 43, that means at morning rush -- 9 to 11 for Citibikers -- more than 20 percent of the system is not usable on most weekdays.

On Friday, usually the best day of the week, the index came in at 47 -- the worst Friday since the middle of May.
Rebalancing, as Citi Bike proved during the peak ridership season(that big chuck of summertime green, is nothing more than funding the proper number of crews, trikes, Hertz Rent A Trucks, whatever it takes.

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