Tuesday, November 4, 2014

News stories perpetuate the 6000-bicycle myth

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Most news stories about the recent new ownership of Citi Bike and its expansion plans perpetuate the myth that there are 6000 bicycles on the streets or in the shop. Just try  this Google news search to see for yourself.
In reality, according to New York City Bike Share’s monthly reports, average fleet size each month since March (the first month NYCBS started reporting this number) has never been at 6000 and by August was almost 1000 below the touted number.
Available bikes is the number that really means something to someone who wants to use a Citi Bike. That’s the number of bikes in the docks. Availables hovered around the 4000 mark for most of the summer but at August end had dropped to under 3300.

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