Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From the media, Happy Birthday Citi Bike

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"They're making some progress," Trottenberg told reporters. "We're hopefully negotiating a larger package which will really address some of the operational issues ... and how we go forward with expansion."

Advocates want Citi Bike in outer boroughs as service celebrates one year

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"That's the No. 1 source of conversation 'Why isn't it in my neighborhood?'" said Ken Podziba, the CEO of nonprofit advocacy group Bike New York.
"New Yorkers are impatient, especially when they see how wonderful something is," he said.

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The city and Alta are looking for a solution. One reasonable possibility is a fee hike -- especially for the $95 annual subscription. No one likes price increases -- but New York needs to keep this program rolling.

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Trottenberg called Citi Bike a “tremendous success,” adding: “New Yorkers have really come to embrace it.”
Although de Blasio has repeatedly said he won’t publicly fund the program, she said the administration has been working closely with Alta, the network’s private operator, to expand the program and help it make a profit.

Citi Bike Offers Dollar Rentals For One Year Anniversary

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Despite their widespread misuse as draconian baby carriages and the people who just can't stop getting tangled up in the racks, the program has seen relatively few injuries and zero deaths. Thethreats of self-immolation and the naked art demonstrations have slowed to a trickle, mostly reduced to one man, crouched over a kerosene lamp in his darkened rent-stabilized apartment, firing off complaint after complaint to a sympathetic Post editorial board.

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