Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 18: Another maddening Monday, followed by improvement

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For the week, a NotSpot score of 35, which we translate as pretty mediocre service.

The pattern that’s emerging -- miserable Mondays followed by gradual improvement across the week -- makes us think that we have been giving too much credit to the weather for spikes in ridership, leading to spikes in NotSpots.

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Instead, as a follower of this blog commented in this post, we now suspect there’s something about weekend use that scrambles the system for Monday morning riders. We’re starting to track rebalancing. But it’ll be a cold day in Hells Kitchen before, as the follower suggests, we track weekend patterns. On Sundays, we’d rather be biking along the Hudson.

Of note:
  • Record 77 empty stations at 10:30 am Monday
  • First time since Week 2 that the W 54 St & 9 Ave station has not been on the Top 10 NotSpot list. Maybe the blog devoted to it is having an impact.
  • Three more stations dropped out of contention for the Gaynor Award. There are now 26 remaining station’s where we’ve not recorded a single NotSpot hour.
  • Average number of bikes in the docks: 3992, down more than 350 from last week.This week’s King of All NotSpots is in Chinatown. The Pike St & E Broadway station racked up 25 hours empty.

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