Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 17 summary: The worst day yet, followed by the deluge

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The NotSpot Index hit a new high of 81 at 10:30 am Monday, a combination of 18 empty stations (also a record for the year) and 63 empty ones (not a record -- that would stand until Thursday, when we recorded 65 empties at 11:30 am). That 81 means 25 percent of operating stations were out of service. And the trend line is not encouraging.

The week also saw a day in the much beloved blue zone -- on a very wet and windy Wednesday.

Average number of bikes in the docks: 4366, down more than 250 from last week. See our recent post on available bikes.

Clinton Hill’s Washington Ave & Greene Ave is this week’s King of All Notspots, logging 49 empty hours.

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