Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our heads are spinning and our helmets blew off

An excerpt
“The message that bike-share is increasing head injuries is not true,” Teschke told Streetsblog. “The tone of the article suggests that head injuries go up. Really what is happening is that head injuries went down, non-head injuries went down — but non-head injuries went down more.”


Interesting that the WaPo hasn’t clarified its article. We’ll ask the author @LennyMBernstein

We are tardy in posting this and thanks to @PSteely for pointing this out. Some of the blame goes to Amtrak and an 16-hour delay that started at Hodrege NE, not an Internet-friendly section of the country. 
Aboard the California Zephyr, we stopped for tornado warnings ahead. Indeed while we sat, a five-story silo toppled onto the tracks in Atlanta, NE. We’ll give you details in a separate post.

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