Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crank-o-Meter, last 4 weeks: NotSpots the chief complaint, plus Rant of the Week

  • NotSpots -- empty and full stations -- leaped past Abandoned/stolen bikes as the No. 1 complaint.
  • Trending up were complaints about Dock Lock and broken bikes.


walking home to my apartment on ‪#‎LES‬ crossing my street some homeless dick head on a stolen ‪#‎Citibike‬ rams into me going the WRONG WAY, not in the fucking ‪#‎bikelane‬!

seriously, has the nerve to tell me how Im on my phone... "yeh dick, im on my phone crossing the street on a ‪#‎WALK‬ signal while you are going against traffic and NOT in a god damn bike lane...! You just ran into me!!!!

The appropriate response would be 'Im really sorry, are you ok?'.... my being on my phone isn't the issue, you on a stolen bike breaking traffic laws and running into pedestrians is a fucking problem!!!!!!!!" Pissed off man! Hope this POS gets hit by a fucken bus!

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