Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crank-o-Meter, last 4 weeks: Abandoned/stolen bikes the No. 1 complaint

  • Rising reports of abandoned/stolen bikes have replaced NotSpots as Citi Bike riders’ major complaint on social media.
  • Also trending up were reports of bad behavior and broken bikes.

Rant of the week

A giant warning about the $101 "security deposit" (no interest loan) should be the MOST prominent part of a citibike kiosk.

Each bike should bear a sign reading "I LOANED A BANK !$101 FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING A MOVING AD FOR THEM FOR 30 MINUTES".

What is the point of the deposit if you charge $1,000+ to the card if the bike is lost anyway?

That is not an insignificant sum for most people to be without for a week. The entire citibike system seems designed to get people to overdraft their (citi)bank accounts. Thanks for the terrible day.
Source: Facebook

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