Friday, October 31, 2014

Harlem, south central Brooklyn showing high interest in Citi Bike expansion

See visualisation
Following Citi Bike’s expansion announcement on Tuesday, the  NYC Department of Transportation reopened its Station Suggestion Portal, last used before the bike-share system opened in May 2013.

Unfortunately, DOT didn’t delete the data from that first round, so you can’t really see from its visualisation what people are hoping for in the coming expansion.

So bikeshareNYC built its own map, using the 136 suggestions made in the 24 hours from noon Wednesday to  noon Thursday. (We filtered out 25 suggestions from people who want stations added in the existing service area. That’s wishful thinking!)

Two clusters of high interest stand out -- Harlem and in Brooklyn, the neighborhoods south of Atlantic Ave. from the harbor to Prospect Park.

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