Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crank-o-Meter, last 4 weeks: NotSpots take top spot 2 weeks in row, plus Rant of the Week

  • Complaints about empty/full stations outpaced Abandoned/stolen bikes for second week in a row.

  • Trending up were billing issues, issues, kiosk issues and complaints from pass users that the 30-minute limit is too short.
  • Trending way down were reports of broken bikes.

Rant of the Week

From Facebook
Guys it shouldn't take 5-10 mins to get a bike out of a stand. With only 30 mins of use at a time, you have to race to another station to just get 30 mins of biking. You need to rethink the model or ensure all bikes and stands are in full working order. It took three calls to get a bike back into a stand today.

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