Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yes, that disturbing video WAS Amanda Bynes on a Citi Bike

Yesterday, a video surfaced on the Internet of a young blonde woman bicycling erratically through traffic and peds near Penn Station. We viewed the vid at candiest.com but because it showed only the woman’s back we decided not to post anything.

But this morning Us magazine posted a frontal shot. So there’s no doubt about who’s in the vid.

Meanwhile, candiest.com pulled the vid off its site, apparently because of this threat:

Amanda’s alleged secret Twitter account @ChickyTweets28 is posting denials about the video, writing “OH MY GOD THAT VIDEO OF A GIRL RIDING A BIKE IS NOT ME! IM SUING ANYONE THAT USES THAT VIDEO AND SAYS THAT ITS ME!” Along with other rants about being spied on by the government.

But that didn’t scare TMZ..com. You can see the vid there.

And for those who are absolutely clueless about Amanda’s celebrity status, here’s her bio.

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