Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Year to year, Citi Bike use declining among both members and casual users

In a previous post, we discussed how annual Citi Bike memberships peaked in April and have been declining since.
We’re seeing other indicators that the system has matured and use of the bikes is declining over a year ago.
Total rides in August and September were slightly lower than a year ago, even though there were 16000 more members in August 2014 (don’t have all September. numbers yet). And August’s weather sure beat 2013.
Combined pass purchases actually peaked in August 2013 at 56881. July pass purchases trailed 2013 by 17% and August by 9 percent.
Rides per member peaked in August, too, at 11.76 per. This August that number was down 15%.

Source: Citi Bike monthly reports

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