Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brooklyn NotSpots by neighborhood: Week 4

2Fort Greene20584231.511.580.40
3Clinton Hill9249889.780.35
4Brooklyn Heights8255496.130.19
5Navy Yard47351.250.07

The story here really is a good news story. In previous week’s surveys Brooklyn’s bad numbers far surpassed Manhattan’s. For example, last week’s average hours per station for Brooklyn’s No. 1 NotSpot was 17.4.The No. 1 offender in Manhattan averaged 10.7 hours per station. The performance gap was similar in earlier weeks.

This week the gap narrowed to 11.1 hours Brooklyn, 10.9 for Manhattan. Is good news for Brooklyn bad for Manhattan?

How to read the charts

What’s a NotSpot? A NotSpot is a bike-sharing station that is empty or filled at the time we conduct a survey. We then follow that station to determine when it’s serving or accepting bikes again.

What’s a survey? A survey is when we peruse the data provided by the official map and the data provided by a map produced by the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis. We conduct two surveys daily, Monday through Friday. We do not survey on weekends.

About the rankings:  We rank the Top Ten NotSpots by neighborhood. We take the total NotSpot hours produced by all stations in the ‘hood and divide that by the total number of docks there. The "hours per dock" is as close as we can get to a common denominator.

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