Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday midday: It’s tough keeping up with that east side biking crowd

  • This screenshot pretty much says it but the east side of Manhattan, from Chinatown to Stuyvesant  Town, faces a dearth of bikes at Monday midday. The yellower, the fewer bikes. Circles with black borders mean no bikes.

  • Brooklyn had eight NotSpots in the morning survey. Not one had a bike by nearly noon.

Bikes available at 11:30 am today : 3432

Bikes available at 11:30 am Friday: 4605

Bikes available at 11:30 am a week ago: 3500

NotSpots at 11:30 am today: 52

NotSpots at 11:30 am Friday: 40

NotSpots at 11:30 am a week ago: 31

The NotSpot kings:
Brooklyn: Clermont Ave & Lafayette Ave, Fort Greene,18.5 hours
Manhattan: Pitt St & Stanton St, Lower East, 19 hours

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