Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 5 summary: System recovery improves with each storm

Here’s what we see after five weeks of observation, three of them involving recovery from snow, slush and sidewalk shovelers: That the system operators have improved with each event.

This week’s number contains recovery from The Slurpee, in our book the most challenging of the three storms: For Manhattan, It is 9 bikeless minutes per dock.

Manhattan’s big number was 15 minutes for the week of the First Snow.  The operators cut that number by a third, to 10 minutes, in the week of the Big Snow.
Ditto Brooklyn: 38 minutes to 32 minutes to 28 minutes.

The verdict from the delivery people is in, too. You can bike no prob after a snow. Slush, not so much.Our thanks to @bigmao for the pic.

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