Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday and we just want to pinch ourselves

  • This just in: CitiBike tweets that the Church & Leonard station in Tribeca is back in service. We're sorry we complained yesterday.

  • We continue to see remarkable improvement both in the sheer number of empty Manhattan stations and in the length of time that those stations are bikeless. Brooklyn, not so much. Concurrent empties have not risen above 25 for three days running. And we were getting used to regarding 25 empties as a pretty good number.

  • Fort Greene’s Cumberland & Lafayette station had the very occasional bike but we’re scoring it 25 bikeless hours.

  • Available bikes have stabilized in the low 4000s.

Bikes available at 4:30  pm today: 4330
Bikes available at 4:30  pm yesterday:  4380
Bikes available at this time a week ago: 3277

NotSpots at 4:30 pm  today: 14
NotSpots at 4:30 pm  yesterday: 17
NotSpots at this time a week ago: 37 (see what we mean?)

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