Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday and wow! Empty station numbers drop big time

  • Today is the first since Jan 26 that the number of empty stations did not top 30 during any of our routine checks. 

  • We liked that empty stations chart we published the other day so much that we’ve made it a permanent section of the blog. See the Empty Stations tab under the logo.

  • The operators continue to unleash more bicycles. Today we crossed the 4,000 threshold and there about 900 more bikes available now than on Sunday.

Bikes available at 6:01 pm today: 4119
Bikes available at 5:07 pm yesterday: 3853
Bikes available at this time a week ago: 3311

NotSpots at 6:01 pm today: 19
NotSpots at :07 pm  yesterday: 30
NotSpots at this time a week ago: 36

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