Saturday, February 1, 2014

Manhattan NotSpots by neighborhood: Week 4

1Tompkins Square13403142.510.960.354
3Lower East Side185181558.610.30
4Stuyvesant Town4138379.250.27
5Tudor City8108222.750.20
6Times Square5258418.200.16
7Two Bridges393144.670.15
8Midtown West5215326.400.15
9Hells Kitchen14464513.640.11

The entire Greater Lower East Side, if you will, suffered a daily exodus of bikes. At times empty stations went uncorrected for more than 10 hours.

The Avenue D & E 12 St station in Tompkins Square flatlined for so long -- 31 hours from 10:30 am Thursday to 5:30 pm Friday -- that we started to suspect some electronic malfunction.
This is the second week in a row Tompkins Square has topped the list.

Chinatown was No. 5 on last week’s list and the Lower East Side retained the No. 3 spot.

Stuyvesant Town was No. 9 in Week 2 and Midtown West was No. 7.

This is Tudor City’s second appearance on the list.  It was No. 1 in the first week of January.

The Times Square neighborhood makes its debut on the list and the Super Bowl crowd can probably be thanked for that. (Note: the hours from stations that are declared out of service are not counted in our numbers.)

Hells Kitchen has been on every list.

Two Bridges and the Flatiron have made the Top 10 in three of the four weeks we’ve been doing the surveys.

How to read the charts

What’s a NotSpot? A NotSpot is a bike-sharing station that is empty or filled at the time we conduct a survey. We then follow that station to determine when it’s serving or accepting bikes again.

What’s a survey? A survey is when we peruse the data provided by the official map and the data provided by a map produced by the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis. We conduct two surveys daily, Monday through Friday. We do not survey on weekends.

About the rankings:  We take the total NotSpot hours produced by all stations in a neighborhood and divide that by the total number of docks there. The "hours per dock" is as close as we can get to a common denominator.

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