Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday: Those CitiBike crews are on a roll

  • The number of concurrent empty stations was halved again today compared to most recent weekdays. Worst we found was 25 at `12:30
  • Available bikes crossed the 4500 mark around midday and they’re up 1,100 on the week.
  • Citi Bike announced via a tweet when it took Tribeca’s Church & Leonard station down on Jan 31 that nearby construction would keep it out of service for 10 days. It's too late to mark your calendar.

Bikes available at 5:30  pm today: 4377
Bikes available at 6:01  pm yesterday:  4119
Bikes available at this time a week ago: 3259

NotSpots at 5:30 pm  today: 17
NotSpots at 6:01  pm  yesterday: 19
NotSpots at this time a week ago: 31

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