Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Check your ride history closely, annual member warns

This was posted on Citi Bike’s Facebook page yesterday
Jim Sabiston
IMPORTANT: just had a good exchange with one of the Citibike help persons and learned something I thought I'd pass on. First, the help person was polite, helpful and informative and seemed genuinely surprised when I thanked her profusely for being so helpful.

Here is the main bit: after getting a yellow light when docking yesterday I checked my ride history and discovered a half dozen open rides that had not been there before! These were all green light dockings and I did not see them previously when spot checking my history. The Citibike help person said that this was a glitch they were experiencing in the system and they were working on a fix and that no charges would be issued for those open rides.

Having received two mystery overtime charges in the past under similar circumstances I will confess to being less than comfortable with this situation. At my request, those open rides were closed out. Now I have to go back to my credit card history and see if any more charges were posted.

The reality is that you better check your ride history for these errors, even if you received a green docking light! My open ride listings were all green light docking close outs! One was just yesterday morning, so I am absolutely certain of this. When I did not get a green light, I checked right away as has now become my habit and discovered the larger issue. The open rides were not there the last time I skimmed my history page a couple of weeks ago.

Ultimately, this is why I will not be renewing my Citibike membership when it expires. The time and effort I have to put in chasing and correcting the faults in the system are just killing the benefits for me. I shouldn't have to worry about false charges all the time and police my ride history and credit card bills because of inherent system faults. I'm done.

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