Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DK Watch: Day Five

Empty 7:30 am

Day 5 Wednesday, April 2

Empty 8:30 am

Day 4 Tuesday, April 1

Empty 9 am

Day 3 Monday, March 31

Empty 8:30 am

Day 2 Friday, March 28

Empty 8 am

Day 1 Thursday, March 27


Louie DePalma would have dispatched with the problem at DeKalb and Vanderbilt before five days had passed.

Seriously, software glitches cannot be blamed  for creating  this kind of problem. The city really needs to look at the failure to address these chronic, and at many stations, easily predicted shortages.

We think this is what  Paul Steely White meant when he wrote “Alta has failed to meet the challenges of success” in his Daily News piece.

We’re forced to conclude, using White’s figure of $6 a bike to clear a NotSpot, that finances force Alta to ignore the problem rather than spend the $$ to fix it. Because the fix is simple and expensive.  It’s not more bikes (but at many places it’s obviously more docks). By and large it’s trucks and crews, aka people and jobs.

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