Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Station performance compared: London best, Paris should be embarrassed

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The City & State piece we posted yesterday begs the question, if all the other American cities have rinky-dink bike-share systems compared to NYC, what about the bigger systems across the Atlantic?

We think we have the answer. Using the NotSpot Index, we’re not as good as London and we’re  a helluva lot better than Paris.

And in what may be the most important category in terms of bike-sharing angst, NYC can teach both London and Paris how to minimize the number of full stations.

We wish we had more data to work with. We only started tracking London and Paris nine days ago. But the systems are mature, there was no adverse weather, and the patterns are pretty obvious. We’ll continue to track and will alert if there’s reason to change our conclusions

How we made comparison for  the number of NotSpots in each city:

Blue Zone
to 6%
Green Zone
to 11%
Yellow Zone
to 14%
Red Zone
above 14%

Of note:
  • NYC is deploying the most bikes for the size of system
  • NYC clearly outperforms in its ability to limit the occurrences of filled stations
  • Both Paris and London have had instances where the number of filled stations exceeded the number of empties, a scenario that seems shocking to us

Surveys conducted 1:30 pm -  9:30 pm local time
Operating stations: 722 - 725

Available bikes: 8462 - 9319
Bikes per station: 13

Best performance: Minus 2.07% of capacity on Monday April 7 at 3:30 pm
Worst  performance: Minus 19.6% of capacity on Tuesday, April 1 at 9:30 pm

Fewest empties: 11 (1.5% of stations)
Most empties: 103 (14.2%)

Fewest filled: 4 (.5%)
Most filled: 39  (5.4%)



Surveys conducted 2:30 pm -  10:30 pm local time
Operating stations:1197-1206

Available bikes: 14722-17286
Bikes per station: 14

Best performance: Minus 13.5% of capacity at 6:30 pm on Monday April 7
Worst  performance: Minus 27.9% of capacity at 2:30 pm on Monday March 31

Fewest empties: 93 (7.7%)
Most empties: 213 (17.7%)

Fewest filled: 51 (.4% of stations)
Most filled: 147 (12.2%)

Surveys conducted 8:30 am- 5:30 pm local time
Operating stations: 321-323

Available bikes: 4190-5006
Bikes per station: 16

Best performance: Minus 3.4% of capacity out at 8:30 am on Monday, March 31 (37F snow/rain mix)
Worst  performance: 21.7% of capacity out at 9:30 am on Monday, April 7

Fewest empties: 11 (3.4%)
Most empties: 63 (19.5%)

Fewest filled:  0
Most filled: 12 (3.7%)

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  1. Paris is NOT the largest system in the world. It is dwarfed by that in Wuhan, which has 5 times the number of bikes. The systems in Hangzhou and Shanghai are also bigger than the one in Paris. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bicycle_sharing_systems