Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 16 summary: Just the 2nd worst of the year

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What's there to say about a week that's only the second worst of the year? That it would have been worse but for Thursday's howler, that's what. Put it down with a NotSpot 42.

Hit a record 16 full stations on a blustery Wednesday at 10:30 am. And par for the course for a record belonging to only the second worst week, that didn't hold up long. Surpassed 4/28. New record, 18.

Average number of bikes on the street: 4625

Tribeca’s Greenwich St & N Moore St had the system's longest downtime -- 18 empty hours starting around 6 pm Thursday.

Among neighborhoods served, Brooklyn's Clinton Hill had it the toughest, with 76 NotSpot hours shared among its nine stations.

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