Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whole lotta data-driven reporting goin’ on

New Citi Bike Data on Individual Trips Shows How Bike-Share Links to Transit

An excerpt
Late-night bike-share rides, especially on weekends and holidays, often involve pairs of riders going from the same starting place to the same destination within a minute or two of each other. “People are biking together,” Kaufman said. “It’s interesting to see these Citi Bike couples.”

An excerpt
Capital Bikeshare, in contrast, funded the original bikes and the docking stations with federal grants earmarked for local programs that mitigate congestion and improve air quality. User fees cover a large share of the operating costs (repairing broken bikes, "rebalancing" bikes from full stations to empty ones, running the customer call center). But they don't cover everything.

We're Citibiking to Work, Not Play

An excerpt

Riders seem to be using the bikes to get from their subway stop to work, and from work to train on the way home. The busiest docking stations are those close to major subways hubs: Grand Central, Astor Place, Union Square and Penn Station top the list.

An excerpt
Someone in New York City hops on a Citi Bike; within minutes they could be blocks away in any random direction. But pile thousands of such rides together, and patterns in the country's largest bike-sharing system leap out.

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