Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maybe Facebook people are just grumpier than Twitter people

For some reason, Citi Bike members lodge complaints much more on Facebook than they do on Twitter. Here’s a collection of complaints made during April:

April 30

Neal Spivack
I'm very frustrated by Citi Bike's performance over the past few days. Every day, I'm encountering docks with no bikes, docks that don't work, and full docks. This program is too valuable for it to work like this!
April 29

Simona Giunta
59th & York station no one can take bikes out... and now it's even raining! Please, sort out this mess!
April 28
Erich Graham
why is it that 2 weekdays every week there are no bike rebalancers at Penn Station in the morning? i hope it's not to cut costs by making morning commutes even more unreliable

April 25

My new walk of shame is where I wander my neighborhood in my cycling clothes looking for a #CitiBike rack with any bikes to take to work.

April 18
Kevin Sudeith
The wheels are coming off in Brooklyn Heights. After closing two stations, remaining stations are all full. App shows docks when docks are broken. Citibike doesn't work if it leaves you farther from home than you started off.

April 17
Noah White
The dock on 47 and lex is always packed or empty. How about another one really close by. Thanks!!

April 13
Beautiful day, dead key, 25 minutes on hold for temporary resolution! Not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 12
Agnes Cao
Are any of the bikes at Union Square working? I tried my key at a couple places and it doesn't work.
April 9
Steven Schacht
Now that Citi Bike has announced they are not making a profit, the stations are not be repaired. Shame on you Citi Bike. Every station I have gone to recently there are always issues. Always bikes in the stations but you can never get them out and sometimes you cannot dock the bikes. 47/10 is the worst.

April 2
Jill Renaud
Was citibike behaving badly for anyone else yesterday? My key was unable to unlock a bike at three different stations yesterday evening...

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