Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Alta’s CEO trashes NYC software, then Alta’s VP follows suite

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Portland benefits for its decision to wait until spring to launch bike share, so we can take advantage of the experience in over 40 other cities. When bike share begins in Portland next spring, we will be getting a state-of-the-art product (including software different from New York’s) that has been successfully street-tested in communities such as Boston, London, Toronto, Montreal, and Washington D.C.

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"The software in New York was a new software," Alta Vice President Mia Birk said in a recent appearance on OPB's Think Out Loud. "That is not the software that will be deployed in Portland. Portland's will be fully tested, very advanced software.

Citi Bike fixes: Experts offer suggestions for ailing system

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…another barrier to encouraging use among visitors is the system's technology, which has led to problems with docking and credit card transactions. NYC Bike Share's technology could improve now that Alta has partnered with 8D, the company behind successful bike shares in Washington, D.C., Boston and London. Alta's first technology and equipment provider is now bankrupt and up for sale.


This is the first NYC media mention of Alta partnering with 8D and it gives to texture to CEO Michael Jones op-ed piece

An excerpt
But 8D has never built docking stations. Even so, it's announced a system will be ready for deployment by this summer. Alta executives—who insist Portland's software will be time-tested, unlike New York's—think Portland will buy in.

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