Friday, September 26, 2014

Citi Bike fleet shrinks 13% from April; 60% of fleet needed repairs in August

We spent some time this week with the monthly reports that New York City Bike Share, operators of Citi Bike, must file with the city’s Department of Transportation.
We were blown away by some of the numbers:
  • The size of the fleet at the end of August has dropped 742 bikes (13%) from April, the first month that number was made available. In August the fleet size stood at 5066 bikes, down from April’s 5808.
  • Also in August, 3109 bikes underwent “in-shop maintenance.” That’s more than 60% of the fleet. In July, 4150 bikes went in-shop during Jully, the highest monthly total to date.

  • The scope of vandalism to bikes and stations surprised us, too. NYCBS reported 154 incidents last month. April’s 233 incidents is the highest monthly total to date.

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