Thursday, September 25, 2014

I heart Citi Bike: Some recent rants and kisses on social media

I love Citi Bike

If you live or work in NYC and don't subscribe to CitiBike on an annual basis, shame on you -- you've made a mistake.

everybody be on #citibike downtown, I had to jump on the bandwagon to see what the hype was about now I love it

What I thought I would use sparingly has become my primary mode of transport (especially during this cool summer). Is Citibike worth it? Resounding yes here. Even if they raise the prices, it'll be my first option to get around (weather permitting).

I hate Citi Bike

Don't bother! If you live in NYC, save yourself the trouble and buy your own bike and lock it on the street. Had the membership about 3 weeks and it's nothing but trouble - stations don't work, stations without bikes, stations that don't accept bikes - trouble. Maybe it's nice if you have all day to look for a bike or look for a station to dock it, but if you need to be somewhere on time - buy your own bike, take a taxi or ride the train.
I'm fairly certain that there's no group of people I dislike more than #citibike people
As a native of Manhattan, I am sooo against CitiBike… It is so anti-New York City. Visual Garbage.

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