Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing the Crank-o-Meter

What makes Citi Bike members and pass purchasers cranky enough to take the time to complain on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or Reddit? We’ve started categorizing those complaints by month.

August 2014
  • Bad behavior issues topped the issues list for the first time this year. The numbers were driven by seven pics of abandoned, stolen or locked bikes plus five reports of being ticketed during Operation Safe Cycle.
  • In a thread so far confined to Reddit, Citi Bikers are complaining that the new replacement seats are uncomfortable.
  • The “other” category includes:
Kiosk issues33.49%
App issues33.49%
Broken bike44.65%
New seats uncomfortable78.14%
30 minutes too short22.33%
Surprised by station removal33.49%

Rant of the month: Congratulations CB! This was one of those rare mornings when it all worked just right - I got the first bike I tried for, and the first dock at my destination accepted it AND lit green! I'm really looking forward to the day when this is the rule, rather than the exception.

July 2014

  • Dock Lock complaints dominated the month, doubling those complaints about NotSpots and took top spot on the Crank-o-Meter for the second straight month.
  • The “other” category comprises:

Broken bike
Kiosk issues
Web site bug

Rant of the month:  This guy took a Citibike to Jersey. Wtf?

June 2014

  • Dock-Lock complaints are double those of NotSpots
  • The "other" category comprises
  • Web site bugs
    Broken Bike
    Kiosk issues
    30 minutes too short

Rant of the month:  Again - FIX YOUR DOCKS! There were more than 10 bikes docked at Grand Central at 9:30AM, none of which would respond at all to the keys of a large number of people trying to get them. One conspiracy theorist speculated that you were programming docks to only respond to over-priced day passes, but then it was pointed out that it's highly doubtful Citi Bike has that much technical expertise.

May 2014
  • Billing issues contiuned to lead the pack. Many of these involve people wondering where their deposit is days after they’ve bought a day or week pass. And there are a lot of complaints about being charged for hours-long rides they haven’t taken -- we think usually a consequence of a bike not properly docked, then taken by someone else.
  • The first rants about bad behavior by Citi Bike riders emerge. These involve people locking Citi Bikes to docks, thus reserving them for personal use.

January-April 2014
  • It was a pretty tight race among NotSpots, Billing issues and Dock lock
  • In March,  the first complaint about a cracked seat cover emerged.


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  1. Regarding the CitiBike in New Jersey: I ran into a couple with CitiBikes on Governors Island. I asked them about it, and they thought that the day pass got them the right to use the bikes all day. I assume the overtime charges would not have shown up immediately, and they would have been wondering where they came from.