Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here’s a read through some recent ‘bad behavior’ rants at #citibike

MMaybe it's just me, but I think Citibike is taking the wrong approach to saving money. #citibike #ouch 

Moron riding a #citibike just ran a red and nearly took me out in the crosswalk…then gave me the stink-eye like I did something wrong.

Almost got hit by a #citibike riding on the sidewalk. I mean really???? That is a jerk move of epic proportions. Even by NYC standards.#wow


To the gentleman peddling HARD down the middle of 2nd ave traffic - you're on #citibike not a GD motorcycle. Pull it together.
Amazed to watch all the people in NYC riding #citibike not wearing a helmet. Alert: citi Bikes don't have magic safety force fields! Right?

Saw THREE #citibike bikes w/ stolen bike seats this morning. Ridiculous petty theft. @CitibikeNYC needs to invest in seat locks.

So a woman just crashed into a car with a #citibike Big bang, she's lucky to walk away. Cyclists, you are not invincible, the Car will win.

Is there anything more irritating than being shoaled by #citibike'r when on a real #bikeNYC?

Why is this rented Cities Bike locked up? #stoleit #citibike @ Greeley Square

The @CitibikeNYC van drivers are just as erratic as the #citibike drivers! #lawless

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