Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Have 2 reports of long Citi Bike waits, lines at Penn Sta around 9 am

One on Facebook, one Twitter:
  • Another @CitibikeNYC fail today. Line 15-deep for bikes at Penn Station, and nobody restocking bikes.
  • A couple of days ago I posted here about how much better Citi Bikes had been doing--all summer long not a single wait over 2 minutes, etc... This morning I waited half an hour at Penn Station for a bike. I thought "Summer must be over!" But that's tomorrow... Is this how it's going to be till next summer?
Here’s a look at the station status at 9:16 today. The station has been rebalanced twice today, at 3 am and again at 5 am but neither effort filled the station to near capacity. We’ll keep checking as the day progresses...
Screenshot at 3:20 pm

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