Monday, March 3, 2014

At Monday's end, we're back on Boogie St

  • The  NotSpot numbers for today are dispiriting. We hit 54 concurrent empties around 10 am and didn’t drop out of the 30s until 7 pm. Nothing record-breaking, but after three full days of  relatively low numbers, today’s counts are a bummer. Go ahead. Take a look at the NotSpot numbers yourself.

  • The available bike count has dropped by more than  800 since Friday.

Today’s King of  all the NotSpots is Fort Greene’s Fulton & Clermont station:  3 pm Sunday until 7 tonight without a refill.  At this writing, it has been rescued from further NotSpot embarrassment by a single bike.

Bikes available at 12:30 pm today : 3613
Bikes available at 11:30 am Friday: 4447
Bikes available at 11:30 am a week ago: 3881

NotSpots at 12:30 pm today: 44
NotSpots at 11:30 am Friday: 18
NotSpots at 11:30 am a week ago: 61 (record 60 empties and 1 full)

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