Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Friday! Let's paint the town! Mediocre Yellow!

So what we got was a week that was kinda like last week, but worse. Week 10 gets a NotSpot score of 33.

That’s in the Yellow Zone, which starts at 30 non-performing stations and ends at 44. Those numbers pretty much translate to mediocre performance across the system, in the view of bikeshareNYC.

King of All NotSpots

So the King watched one too many monster movies before swimming the East River and mashing up the Broadway & W 39 St station in Times Square for 18 hours. Timed his act for the evening rush, too, showing up around 5 pm Wednesday.

Available bike count
Bikes available at 5:30 pm today: 4105
Bikes available at  5:30 pm yesterday: 4017
Bikes available at 6:00 pm a week ago: 4077

Friday’s NotSpot Index

8:30 am-5:30 pm
Hours in Blue Zone (0-14 NotSpots): 1
Hours in Green Zone (15-29 NotSpots): 6
Hours in Yellow Zone (30-44 NotSpots): 2

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