Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday: The Yellow Zone starts on Boogie St

Another day spent mainly in the Yellow Zone. With a NotSpot score of 37, about all that can be said of Wednesday is that it was a little worse than Monday (35) and a lot better than Tuesday (42).

The King of All NotSpots℠
The King is still in Brooklyn but moved to Clinton Hill where he captured the DeKalb Ave & Vanderbilt Ave station and kept all bikes away for 15.5 hours on Tuesday.

Available bike count
Between last night and today 700 more bikes became available.
Bikes available at 5:30 pm today: 4149
Bikes available at  5:30 pm yesterday: 3431
Bikes available at 6:00 pm a week ago: 3948

Wednesday’s NotSpot Index

Hours in Green Zone: 2
Hours in Yellow Zone: 6
Hours in Red Zone: 2

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